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fatal space

Fatal Space

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holefall 125

Hole Fall 3D

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Duck Shooter

Duck Shooter

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Gaspi World Game

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glowmaze 125

Glow Maze

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Scream Way Up

Scream Way Up

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food run

Food Run

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Wear The Freaking Mask

Wear The Fracking Mask

Reserve Price:

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Hyper-casual games are making a buzz in the mobile gaming industry. In 2021 alone, hyper-casual games accounted for hefty 3.6B downloads out of 14.3B new game downloads from across the Google Play Store and App Store.

Streaming giant Netflix is expanding its hyper-casual mobile gaming lineup. Zynga’s acquisitions of hyper casual mobile game firm Rollic for $168m, and before that mobile gaming company Peak at a whopping $1.8 billion – only means this industry is shooting for success.

Don’t get left behind. The team at AuctionVilla Marketplace is working around the clock to help you enter into the mobile gaming industry faster and confidently. Select games from our hand-picked list, purchase, and grow your mobile game portfolio in less than 7 days – fast, secure, simplified.

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Building Mobile Game Portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building a mobile game portfolio could be an overwhelming process. It requires coding skills, patience, and a lot of effort. Thus new app entrepreneurs struggle to build a better mobile game portfolio.

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There are plenty of effective strategies, platforms, and tools out there to help you promote your games and generate revenue through them. If you can successfully utilize available resources, your games portfolio can generate passive revenue on auto pilot.

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Hyper casual games are the most uncomplicated formats where players don’t need to apply mental concentration. Literally everyone can play these games without any stress.

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We curate completed and published games exclusively. At AuctionVilla Marketplace, you will receive the exact games listed for sale directly transferred to your developer account. Hence, you won’t need to know any coding.

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However, kindly note that we are not a distribution platform. At AuctionVilla Marketplace, you will be selling complete ownership of your game.

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